Elegant Backyard Transformation with Pool and Hardscaping

TurtleCreek Landscaping presents one of our residential pool and hardscaping design & build projects. Epitomizing leisure and style, this suburban oasis has been meticulously crafted, featuring a custom-built pool complemented by sophisticated hardscaping to create a backyard escape in a residential neighbourhood.

Pool & Hardscaping Key Features

  • Custom-Built Swimming Pool: At the heart of the backyard is a swimming pool that invites relaxation and recreation.
  • Pool Deck: The pool is framed by a sleek, grey composite deck, giving the surrounding area a contemporary look. With the added benefits of durability, non-slip and low maintenance, the deck brings together the remaining features. 
  • Integrated Hardscape Features: Key hardscape elements include the stone pathway and raised garden beds that add structure and depth to the landscape in neutral, natural tones. Choosing the right materials that will weather nicely against a natural backdrop is key to ensuring hardscapes are pleasing for years and across all seasons. 
  • Cozy Gazebo: A modern gazebo with a metal roof offers a shaded retreat, provides a comfortable space for dining or relaxation, protected from the elements. The strategic placement of lights creates a warm ambiance and highlights the architectural details of the gazebo. When we create hardscaping features like backyard gazebos, we ensure that the right lighting and additional elements complement each other just right. 

Sustainability and Care

TurtleCreek Landscaping always chooses materials that are both environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. The composite decking and stone pathways require minimal upkeep and are resilient against weather conditions, ensuring the space remains beautiful for years to come. Similarly, the hanging lights in the gazebo are LED, consuming less power and lasting longer. 

We love to blend functionality with elegance. Our comprehensive design approach has transformed a typical backyard into a luxurious retreat, perfect for family enjoyment and hosting social events. It’s not just a landscape; it’s a lifestyle enhancement.