Our Own Oasis

We moved to our new house almost one year ago, after living on 3/4 acre for 32 years! We needed something smaller and more manageable. This house has a beautiful view, but is on a ravine and the garden was not very accessible. I love to putter in the garden and just needed the patio replaced with grass, some raised beds to grow vegetables, a couple of flower beds and steps down the steep slopes.

We contacted TurtleCreek and told them what we wanted. Roberto and Dominic came up with a great plan and suggested the materials to be used. The steps have a wood pattern that matches the raised beds. The team were a great bunch of guys and worked hard, even on some very hot days. They also cleaned up at the end of each day. The backyard looks amazing and we love it. Thank you TurtleCreek Landscaping, we have ended up with our own little oasis.


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